Bentley Dock
If you’d like to have more time to focus on your business, and to spend less time focusing on technology problems, contact Bentley Dock today.
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Bentley Dock provides technology consulting services for small businesses. The company operates in New Jersey and the surrounding areas.


Technology is a necessity in today’s business world. Our goals are to keep your company’s technology running, so that you can be as productive as possible, and to recommend improvements that will enhance your company’s productivity and profitability.


We keep your company’s technology running and recommend improvements in a number of ways. First we offer “reactive services” – we respond to any problems that might be occurring in your environment. Next we have “proactive services” – we analyze your environment, develop a maintenance schedule, and perform routine maintenance to prevent problems from occurring. Then our “deployment services” help when it’s time to replace old technology with new technology – we help you pick the technology that best fits with your company and your existing technology and then deploy it. Finally our “strategic services” – we will recommend improvements to your infrastructure – based not on the newest or coolest technology, but on what works for your particular company at that time. Our recommendations factor in technology issues, your company’s strategic goals, your company’s business environment, and the overall environment.


If you’d like to have more time to focus on your business, and to spend less time focusing on technology problems, contact Bentley Dock today.

Deployment Services
Looking to install something new or replace existing infrastructure?
We assess your needs, research and present options, help you decide, and get it installed:
• Laptops or Desktops Computers
• Servers – File Servers, Application Server, Virtual Servers
• Networking Equipment – Firewalls to keep your network safe, Switches, Routers, Cable Modems
• Remote Access for working from home
• Email Systems and Providers
• Printers, Copiers, Scanner
• Web and cloud hosting
• Backups – onsite and cloud-based
• Antivirus – for servers, desktops, laptops
• Business Hardware – Phone Systems, Time Clocks, Point-of-Sale Systems, Medical Analyzers, Display Screens
Helpdesk & Support Services
Once everything is in place, we can help if there’s a problem – regardless of who installed it
We’re the IT department for companies without an IT department
• We work at your office (even home offices), remotely, or drop-off/pick-up at our office
• Call, text, or email – whichever method is most convenient
• Resolve Office software issues
• Address problems with Email
• Correct issues with Desktops/Laptops, Printers, Networking Equipment, Servers
• Spyware/Malware Removal
• Security Updates – Windows Servers, desktops/laptops, Software Applications, Antivirus
• Real-time Monitoring of your Environment
• Managing Employee Mobile Phones
• Software Upgrades and Migrations
• Fixing anything that runs slow, freezes, or gives an error message
Strategic Services
We help your company get the most out of technology to achieve business goals
• Planning sessions with ownership/management to ensure technology meets upcoming business needs.
• Provide technology roadmap to help budget future technology purchases.
• Research current technology and make recommendations of systems that will be needed in the future.
• Recommend new technologies after evaluating existing infrastructure.
• Recommend replacement/upgrades of hardware and software.
• Assist in creating a more productive office -- redesign or relocation of office space.
• Explain technology issues in plain English, allowing management decide the best options for the company.


161 South Main Street
Milltown, NJ 08850

Phone Number

Help Desk: (732) 354-1232

Office: (732) 607-5005